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How do couples choose wedding rings

How do couples choose wedding rings? Wedding rings are a big expense for many couples, so consider this. Again no matter choose diamond ring or get married pair of rings, when choosing, must consider and oneself finger can perfect collocation. Here's how to find out.

How do couples choose wedding rings

A bit of advice for new wedding rings

As a witness to the love, the wedding ring in marriage is more and more not less, how to choose and buy wedding ring, is plagued by a lot of new people, we give a new choice of the wedding ring was discussed. Find your favorite wedding ring.

1. Understand relevant knowledge. This is also very important, no matter where you buy, you must not let the merchant think you know nothing about diamonds! In this case, it adds a lot of potential problems! It is strongly recommended to add more relevant knowledge, such as, what is diamond 4C, PT950, PT900 and what is GIA and NGTC certification!

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Be clear about where you want to be. As is known to all, diamond ring also has brand effect, xie ruilin, zhou dafu, zhou shengsheng, their price is more than double! This is no exaggeration! The right one or the expensive one? However, like the more popular online merchants now, such as luxury jewelry network, under the same conditions, their prices are about half cheaper, with non-high cost performance. So be clear about your positioning and budget.

How do couples choose wedding rings

3, combining with the former two, sure you probably can accept budget and the corresponding grade, for example, probably how many money, how many points weight, level of clarity, what color, what is cut, the quality of the ring, it is suggested to our strengths, choose according to their actual situation, among them, the budget is the most critical, directly determines the choice of the back. In the same budget, if sacrificing brand, can get the diamond ring corresponding levels rise, and if pay attention to brand, only lower the level of the diamond ring, is not have your cake and eat it.

Of course, these are just some general Suggestions, in the process of purchasing, you still need to experience and compare yourself

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How do couples choose wedding rings