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How to maintain silver jewelry reveal the secret of silver jewelry maintenance tips

Comparatively speaking, silver ornaments are cheap, silver ornaments are now priced between 8 yuan /g-15 yuan /g, and craft silver ornaments are relatively expensive. If matched, the silver can still be decorated with a sense of nobility. One of them is American Tiffany Tiffany silver, which is famous for its silver ornaments. In the maintenance, the most common is the silver products are easy to "oxidize" black.

How to maintain silver ornaments

Plain silver: 925 silver plated with white rhodium (platinum in industry), which is the most likely to delay the yellowing and blackening of silver under oxidation or vulcanization. In the industry, 925 silver without plating platinum is called "plain silver", which is easy to oxidize in the air. A large proportion of the 925 silver currently on the market is made of pure silver in order to lower the cost.

How to maintain silver ornaments

Are generally not Tibetan silver: silver, copper, copper nickel alloy) is the bills of traditional Tibetan silver is 30% silver and 70% copper, but even such traditional process of "Tibetan silver", now in the market also has not arrived, mostly in cupronickel completely replace.

How to maintain silver ornaments

Thai silver: Thai specialty, standard is also 925 silver content. The appearance lacks brightness, pursues a kind "ancient" "" old" "" ancient silver" effect. Compared with 925 silver plating platinum silver jewelry, because the public base is not extensive, relative to 925 silver, the price is lower.

How to maintain silver ornaments

1. Use acetic acid scrub.

2. Soak in Coca-Cola for 12 hours.

3. Apply lipstick to the cloth and wipe the silver ornaments. Rinse with water.

4. Use tea soaked overnight.

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5. Wipe with silver cloth.

Use toothpaste and a toothbrush to scrub.

7. Apply silver bath for one to two minutes.

8. Apply the correction fluid on the silver ornaments and wipe the silver ornaments with a cloth before the correction fluid is dry.

9. Silver jewelry of plain silver is often black, although it can be cleaned frequently, but it is also very troublesome. I teach you to prepare a clear bottle of nail polish before cleaning silver, blow dry the silver with a pneumatic tube after cleaning, and then apply a layer of nail polish to clean silver. My customers have tried this method to keep the silverware black for up to a year.

10, use lighter to burn, the black silver ornaments (note: this method is limited to plain silver, plated with gold and silver ornaments inlaid cannot use. Don't be too high temperature, banned in the matches, because the match containing sulfur, can make the silver silver sulfide) and then polished the silver with rub silver cloth. This method makes special bright silver ornament.

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How to maintain silver jewelry reveal the secret of silver jewelry maintenance tips