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Personalized lawn wedding planning book

Wedding should pursue their own personality and alternative, to create their own unique fashion wedding. This would require the newcomer has different ideas in planning the wedding ceremony, today small make up have a character of lawn wedding planning books, hoping to give you quasi new people personality wedding bring some inspiration.

Wedding planner

The lawn wedding process - -

One month before the wedding: confirm with the wedding company the wedding form, wedding standards and wedding venue, and make a preliminary wedding budget. The bride and groom choose wedding dresses and dresses. -

Two weeks before the wedding: invite guests and issue invitations, visit the wedding site, and confirm the decoration. -

Week before the wedding: identify the makeup artist and communicate with him/her. -

The day before the wedding: communicate with the host, confirm the wedding process again, and finally check the decoration of the venue.

Wedding planner

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Lawn wedding venue layout

In addition to the necessary stage, background, flower door, road guide, carpet color is very important. Because of the characteristics of the outdoor, the color of flowers in the layout of the choice as far as possible elegant noble color system for the best. White purity, sweet, pink, purple mystery, blue elegance. Both can help you highlight the characteristics of your wedding.

Lawn wedding audio equipment, is the most important wedding planning. Because there is no natural barrier, the ear-to-ear effect in the wedding will not be as good as the indoor effect. Therefore, a sound system with good sound quality is needed to increase the intensity of rendering for the sound part of the wedding. Otherwise, the front new person and the host voice is exhausted, after the guests did not hear clearly. What's more, it will affect the effect of field camera shooting. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a good set of sound equipment.

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Personalized lawn wedding planning book