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Summer sun protection skin care tips: food sun protection skin care effect good

High dimension C fruits: almost every dermatologist told you: vitamin C is "never before in the", want to have a sunburn skin healthy and bright, not easily, every day to eat the fruit of 2-3 copies of high dimension C is also a good choice. Kiwi fruit, cherry tomatoes, kiwi fruit, citrus and so on are all good high - dimensional C fruits.

Yellow and red fruits and vegetables: red, orange fruits and vegetables, and dark green leafy vegetables, such as carrots, mangos, tomatoes, papaya, water spinach, etc., all contain a lot of carotene and other phytochemicals, contribute to oxidation, enhance skin resistance.

Soy products: isoflavones in soy are a kind of phytoestrogens, it also has antioxidant capacity, it is a kind of food that women maintain bright and delicate skin indispensable. In soybean products, tofu, soy milk (no sugar is recommended) is a better choice.

Green tea: drinking green tea or using green tea supplements can reduce sunburn, sagging and harsh peroxides by about a third, according to U.S. research. Generally healthy people drink tea for health, two to four cups a day is more appropriate, but you can also drink different kinds of tea.

Summer prevent bask in protect skin small common sense number one: prevent bask in the mistake that the article USES should know

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It is wrong to say that your skin is tanned and that wearing sunscreen is useless. When the skin is basked in, dark, dry, peeling, and lack of water, then can still wipe sunscreen, sunscreen and is more needed to caress, together with some sunburnt repair products at the same time, can be repair sunburn.

2. The higher the SPF, the better the sunscreen effect! According to the American academy of dermatology, SPF15's sunscreen already blocks more than 90 percent of uv rays. Choose and buy sunscreen according to the season, place and personal needs.

Most people think that it's no big deal to stay indoors every day and go out occasionally without sunscreen. Know that a single exposure without any protection can also cause permanent skin damage.

4, when a lot of people are outdoors, the sun umbrella that USES UV function, think can need not apply sunblock. What you don't know is that most of the uv rays pass through the umbrella and reach the skin. The ground and water reflect uv rays, so use sunscreen even when using the umbrella.

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Summer sun protection skin care tips: food sun protection skin care effect good