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People often say: love is fire, fire is love. The pure heart is like a flawless candle waiting in silence, waiting for the beloved partner to ignite the spark of love. Love is eternal; it is the fire that never dies. It was a happy moment, an exciting moment. It symbolizes the spark of love, which illuminates their wonderful life and their brilliant future. They move slowly toward the good life stage, they will be lit up the burning love flame, light up the life of each course, burning love flame lit up their brilliant career, the life of peace. From then on, they will certainly pengcheng thousands of miles, from now on, they thousands of generations, thriving and developed.

Please two new people, breathing the breath of love, with the beautiful melody, lit the flame of love in your heart this is the heart and soul care, this is the integration of emotion and emotion. This is the beginning of a happy life together, and this is the ultimate praise of good and true love. Love is a long journey with hand in hand, love is a hard center and the heart of blessing, wish you are truly in love partner, in this time of shock - love burning, may the sweet beautiful candle light up your splendid future.

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The candlestick has four unlit candles, representing each season of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In the spring they give birth to the hope of love, in the summer they sow the seeds of love, in the autumn they undergo the test of love, and in the winter they reap the fruit of love. These four candlesticks ignite according to this, I love you oath also comes into being, two people will hand in hand life, happiness forever!

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Wedding candlestick