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What should be prepared before marriage

1. Determine the approximate date of the marriage

Mobilizer: parents and elders of both sides

You need to sit down and flip through the old calendar and pick the good days.

Determine your wedding budget

Mobilizer: I'm not strong enough, so I have to turn to my parents

From now on, you need to put your savings accounts together, add them up carefully, and see how strong they are financially. Parents usually post some.

3. Determine the wedding form

Mobilizer: all acquaintances with creative talent

Within your own capacity, you can determine wedding forms, such as restaurant wedding, church wedding, group wedding, etc. You can also let your friends come up with novel ways to be a different couple.

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Prepare your new house

Mobilizer: decoration companies and friends in the field

This is when you can start buying furniture, appliances, and more. Like swallows holding mud, build your own warm little home.

5. Honeymoon plan

Mobilizer: travel agencies and playful friends

The first thing is to find a suitable travel agency and it is difficult to meet the exact schedule. Secondly, you are quite free now, and have the opportunity to consult some materials and friends. Finally, more and more people are preparing to go abroad for their honeymoon and get ready to apply for passports in advance.

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What should be prepared before marriage