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Note for lawn wedding, prepare guest seats

Prepare seats according to the number of guests, but be sure to greet the owner of the wedding venue before you prepare, as the seats are likely to damage the grass. So in order to avoid unnecessary claims after the wedding, be sure to communicate well before the wedding. And pay attention to environmental protection in wedding preparation. Get ready to wipe the chair cloth, which you can use when it rains.

4. Take good care of guests

When are you going to a outdoor wedding, it is best when sending invitation to indicate your wedding form, for some in the garden or lawn wedding, want to find out what are the guests in advance is a serious pollen allergy, that is about to be careful not to these guests came in around the flower bed, lest cause their discomfort. And don't seat guests with children near depressions, roads, slopes or lakes where there are safety hazards.

5. Prepare the bridal dressing room

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If you are going to eat at the wedding venue, prepare a place for the bride to change her dress. If there is no room near the venue, a small house can be built around the back of the stage background for the bride to change clothes. And there should be cosmetic equipment inside, or the space that also can use car as change clothes place.

6. Mosquito prevention

One of the things that couples need to pay special attention to when they do a lawn wedding is to keep mosquitoes at bay. Especially if a fly flies into the food, the whole wedding will be at a discount. Therefore, the bride and groom should communicate with the relevant authorities in advance and take measures to prevent mosquitoes before holding the wedding, so as to ensure the overall quality of the wedding

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Note for lawn wedding, prepare guest seats