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What about the divorce agreement

As people's living standards improve, divorces become more and more common, and couples who want to divorce need to sign a divorce agreement. This article introduces the content of the proposed divorce agreement, the matters needing attention of the divorce agreement, and two sample divorce papers.

What about the divorce agreement

Couples walk to the end of marriage, will cancel the marriage relationship, then need a signed by both sides of husband and wife, about the division of property, child custody and visitation, spouses alimony, child support and other written Agreement, namely the Divorce Agreement (Divorce Agreement). Divorce agreement must be in written form, should not include letters, more should not including email, signed by the husband and wife both parties, and recognized by the court or the marriage registration management department, just have legal effectiveness. This is one of the requirements for divorce. Some divorced couples still don't know how to write divorce agreement, the following will introduce what content should contain to divorce, divorce agreement considerations, and bring two divorce.

What about the divorce agreement

A divorce agreement is a written agreement between the parties to a voluntary divorce, to terminate the marriage on the basis of mutual consent, and to properly handle issues such as children and property. The divorce agreement is a substantive document for the registration of divorce (agreement divorce). The parties applying for the registration of divorce must make it carefully and it will be legally effective after being signed by both parties. When reality often appears after the divorce agreement has been signed back, cause this kind of situation is mainly due to the five aspects: 1. Side to give up property division, (2) the two sides to high property value underestimate, (3) building property right before the divorce did not transfer, 4. Not the other side of the fault liability shall be pursued, 5. The child support agreement too high or too low, so as to prevent the occurrence of disputes after the divorce, should fill in the divorce agreement content, really achieve the division of property should be easy to operate; Child maintenance fees should be clear; Visitation rights should be specified. General agreement should be standardized; We must resolutely put an end to fake divorce. The divorce agreement reads as follows:

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1. Name, work unit, home address and other personal information of both parties

Registration of divorce is a sign of the parties' true intention, and the reason for divorce can also be written.

3. Parenting and education: how and how long will the child be covered by the expenses incurred by the other party who is not living with the child and who is not living with the child?

4. The settlement of property after marriage before marriage, i.e., the division of common property (the amount and value of both parties and the list attached);

5. The ownership and repayment of the obligation under the obligation of mutual creditor's rights.

6. Attribution of shelter: the solution to the housing problem;

7. The term of economic assistance for the needy party;

8. Ways in which one party's right to visit is exercised and the other party's obligation to assist in not living with the child;

9. Other matters that need to be clarified in the agreement;

10. The signatures (seal or hand-print) of the parties concerned from both sides;

11. The time for the filing of the divorce agreement.

12. A copy of hukou certificate and resident identity card should be attached; Marriage certificate issued by the marriage registration authority.

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What about the divorce agreement