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Dress code for weddings

1. Wearing white dresses is strictly prohibited (this is the exclusive color of the bride!)

No black dress is allowed. Remember this is a wedding, not a funeral!

3. Choose clothes according to the wedding location.

4, avoid by all means at the wedding decked with gold, to choose 1 ~ 2 have fashionable feeling fine accessories, can properly doesn't reflect your noble taste and vulgar, and not upstage the bride the respect of the performance.

Try not to wear a MIDI dress, especially with an old-fashioned scarf and shawl, as you may be mistaken for the bride's aunt.

6. Too skin-revealing dress style is not suitable for the choice, and there is no meaning of blessing for the new couple. Remember, you must not expose yourself more than the bride.

Avoid formal and traditional suits that are boring and boring.

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8. For men, wearing a suit is a good choice, but remember to wear black shoes and black socks, absolutely avoid color and style and the groom's bump. If possible, you'd better change it. If not, try to keep a low profile.

Don't take the shine out of your shoes.

Wearing black fishnet socks to a wedding can also be less formal.

If it's summer, put away your princess dresses. Fluffy dresses are not appropriate for that day.

12. If you want to attend the wedding of your European and American friends, please try to avoid wearing white or beige clothes.

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Dress code for weddings