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2018 latest creative wedding sign-in book style sharing

On the wedding day, guests arrived and left their names on the sign-in book. They also left their best wishes for the couple. In the preparation of wedding attendance book so you also want to spend some of idea, prepare a creative wedding attendance book, to leave an unforgettable memory, also left himself a rare honor.

Block register

Personalized wedding attendance book - block attendance book

Building blocks are a common toy in our life, so new couples can use them as their wedding sign-in books. When the guests arrive, leave their names on the blocks and leave a message. In the future, every time you take it out for fun, it will bring you back to the wedding day. It will be a wonderful thing.

Floating bottle sign-in book

Personalized wedding sign-in book - drift bottle

The bottle offers hope that couples can prepare a large bottle and some small pieces of paper in advance. On the wedding day, guests will be in a small note on the sign in and leave the most sincere best wishes to you, all the people after the check-in, the loading bottles will little note, wait until your wedding anniversary to open view, believe that will make you surprise.

Globe sign-in book

Personalized wedding sign-in book - globe

The globe covers the whole world, and in this vast world, you meet her (him) and your lover in a sea of people. A couple is married, placed the attendance book, as your wedding in the earth if make a socket, it will be the beginning of a happy life, you are the guests the most sincere best wishes to you.

"Letters of the future"

Personalized wedding sign-in book - a letter to the future

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In addition to the creative sign-in book, occasionally it can be literary. Prepare a large envelope or mailbox on the eve of your wedding, and guests will write messages to you on it. Then put it in an envelope and save it. This will be the biggest blessing for the new couple in the future. The new couple can choose to open the envelope on a special day, which will be the most precious memory.

Calendar sign-in book

Personalized wedding attendance book - calendar attendance book

A calendar keeps track of time and time, and each day may be experiencing something different, or something similar. Couples can opt for a beautiful retro calendar that allows guests to find their own birthday and sign in when they check in. When it comes to the birthday of the guest who wishes you well at the wedding, you can also make a phone call to say hello, isn't that sweet?

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2018 latest creative wedding sign-in book style sharing