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Gorgeous hands push the waves

Try this gorgeous, retro-inspired, hand-wavy hairstyle that was all the rage back in 1920 and was driven by the truth of the socialite lady at the time. The wave roll is made entirely from the fingers and comb of a hairstylist.

A delicate and elegant bun

Elegant and dignified, you can try this bun and curl hair, combining to the upper part of hair over high plunge into a bun, on both sides made waves in the second part of the ear, contracted and not simple, to advocate contracted and desire is the most suitable for but elegant bride.


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A classy bride's hairstyle will never be out of style, and if you prefer a bun with a bun, this stylish hairstyle will definitely add color to your wedding dress.

The rainbow hair of the former vanguard

What you want is avant-garde chic, what you want is the eye movement. Might as well take a look at this article recommend this chic bridal hairstyle bar, pick and dye the hair into gorgeous color, make fashionable avant-garde rainbow dish hair

The above is the latest picture of the bride's hair, each of which is very avant-garde and trendy, is the best choice of the bride's hair style.

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Gorgeous hands push the waves