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The host of the wedding banquet was brief

Distinguished guests, friends and comrades,

Everybody is good! Beaming nor vientiane update in this warm days couple Mr * * * and * * * miss sweet hand in hand to form a new family. I represent the bride unit - luqiao company leadership and staff for the couple to send the most sincere and best wishes! At the same time, on behalf of the couple, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the guests attending the wedding banquet today.

After a few years time together two new people from the acquaintance, who know each other, love each other to deeper understanding today they finally come together into the palace of wedding. This is a festive day let us here to celebrate the day. At the same time also avail ourselves of this opportunity to put forward to two new points:

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First, after your marriage, I hope you will honor your parents and repay them for their kindness. Second, I hope you will respect each other, love each other, understand each other and jointly create your happy life in your newly-married life. Three hope you in the future work to the nuptial xi as a turning point in their work assiduously to work hard to support each other with great results make greater contribution for their cause. Now let's express our best wishes to the new couple with warm applause! Related reading: the latest wedding thank you banquet speech to share the perfect wedding final step

Wedding banquet host speech is brief - fan wen4

Dear leaders, ladies and gentlemen, dear brothers and sisters,

Today my heart felt so excited, so happy, very unforgettable, this evening have our leadership, colleagues, and friends in spite of being very busy toglance elders thanks to attend our wedding banquet, brings today's party brought happiness and joy, the sincere blessings. Let's take this opportunity to once again thank our parents for bringing us up, thank our leaders for their care and cultivation, and thank our friends for their blessings.

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The host of the wedding banquet was brief